AIR -True Story of Michael Jordan's Nike Shoe Deal

AIR – True Story of Michael Jordan’s Nike Shoe Deal | Edmonds Mall & Media Mart

AIR -True Story of Michael Jordan's Nike Shoe Deal

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When it comes to athletes, few figures loom larger in the collective imagination than NBA legend, Michael Jordan. Over the course of his storied career and beyond, Jordan, considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time, has also been hailed as an icon of marketing, thanks to lucrative endorsement deals chief among them, his longtime partnership with Nike, whose gargantuan impact in the sports shoe industry is largely attributed to their initial deal with Jordan.

The trailblazing relationship between Jordan and Nike is the focus of a new film, Air, which releases in theaters on April 5. Directed by and co-starring Ben Affleck, who plays Nike co-founder Phil Knight, the movie centers on how Sunny Vaccaro (Matt Damon), a sports marketing executive, signed Jordan to his first-ever shoe contract with Nike, in an unprecedented deal that would change the face of sports marketing and athlete equity in endorsement deals forever. Neither Jordan nor Nike were the household names they are now at the time of the signing in 1984. At the time, Jordan was a soon-to-be NBA rookie ranked third in the draft, while Nike was a veritable underdog in the world of sports shoes, known more for its running sneakers than flashy basketball kicks. The road to their partnership was complex, with Jordan’s mother Deloris (Viola Davis) playing an influential role in the life-changing negotiations.

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AIR – True Story of Michael Jordan’s Nike Shoe Deal | Edmonds Mall & Media Mart

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