The Avalanches You Need To Worry About

The Avalanches You Need To Worry About New Video. In this video, We talk all about the science of avalanches.

Top Tips To Survive An Avalanche

Here are some essential tips to help you survive an avalanche

  1. React Quickly in the First Few Seconds:
    • Most avalanche victims trigger the avalanche themselves. If you find yourself in this situation, try to jump up the slope beyond the fracture line. Although it’s challenging to react fast enough, it has been done.
    • Move to the side of the avalanche. Whether it starts above or beneath you, try to make your way toward the side. Move as quickly as possible to escape the avalanche’s path.
    • Let go of heavy equipment. Keep your backpack (it may protect your neck and back), but release other gear. Survival equipment like a transceiver, probe, or snow shovel should be retained.
    • Hold on to something. If you can’t escape the avalanche, grab onto a boulder or sturdy tree. Even if you get ripped away, delaying your downhill departure increases your chances of not being buried too deeply.
    • Start swimming. Kick your feet and thrash your arms in a swimming motion to stay near the surface of the snow.
  2. Prevention Is Key:
  3. Abandon Equipment:
  4. Avalanche Avoidance:
    • Be aware of your surroundings.
    • Keep track of the weather.
    • Recognize danger zones and plan your route conservatively.
    • Travel on ridge tops or heavily wooded areas whenever possible.
    • Avoid mid-slopes or the release zone near the top of the slope.
    • Detour completely around suspect slopes.

Remember that prevention and awareness are crucial. Stay informed, follow safety guidelines, and be prepared when venturing into avalanche-prone areas. Stay safe out there.

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